SWAMPWORKS MFG. is proud to be the first model maker to offer a full line of model kits and accessories just for the sport/hobby of R/C Model Warship Combat...

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Our 1/144 scale kits come in two basic types; the traditional wood frame construction, or a more up to date fiberglass construction.

Wood Kit

The wood frame kits include machine cut parts of birch plywood, balsa, hardwood dowel, metal tubing, and ultra high density foam. Also included are fiberglass cloth, rolled plans, vacuum molded radio box and superstructure parts, balsa and plywood hull sheeting, and assembly instructions.

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Fiberglass Kit

In the fiberglass kits, the precut plywood hull frame is replaced by a one piece fiberglass hull shell. You simply cut "windows" in the side of the shell with a Dremel type hand grinder. This leaves a fiberglass frame that is then sheeted with soft balsa wood to allow penetration by BBs. This form of assembly is much quicker and easier, giving you a much smoother and more durable hull. Cutting these "windows" in the fiberglass shell also gives greater flexibility with which to meet varying club rules and your own personal preferences as to width, number, and spacing of hull ribs.

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Some fiberglass kits are also available as a "hull only" and as a "hull kit". A "hull only" is just that, a fiberglass hull shell and nothing else. "Hull kits" include the fiberglass hull shell, plywood deck(s), balsa hull sheeting, and assembly instructions.

Note: the many pages to be attached to this catalog are currently under construction and will be attached as soon as they are completed to give you more information on catalog items. Enjoy the ones which presently exist, with the promise that more will come soon! Please be patient and come back often.

Available Kits, hulls and parts

We currently have the following ships available in fiberglass:

We have plugs on hand for the following and will have hulls available real soon:

At this time plugs are being built for the following:

We also have a complete line of equipment for Combat Warships including: bb cannon, bilge pumps, and electric motors.

CO2 Regulators CO2 Delivery Systems BB cannon
Pumps Electric Motors Hardware Packages


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