Nats 1997, Tuesday July 22

Tuesday we have a Fleet Battle in the morning. After lunch we have Campaign. Campaign is a timed. Each side as 60 minutes to complete up to 10 convoy missions. A minimum of three missions must be attempted. The warships gaurd the unarmed convoy boats and also battle each other.

The scores for Fleet Battle #3: Allied 17,485 Axis 14,490

The scores for Campaign #1: Allied 5,825 Axis 2,100

At the end of Day 2 the Allies are ahead 57,570 to 36,910!

The Pit area where the boats are worked on and readied for battle.
The Twin Pillars of Doom (Chris Pearce's USS North Carolina and Jim Pate's and USS Washington) take a break in the pits between battles

Can you tell who supplied this caption?
(Tom Tanner) thinks that is the Massachusetts on the starboard quarter of Nathan Blattau's Yamato, with Dirty Dave's Nagato the green ship to the lright of and beyond the Yamato's bow. (Nathan is in the lower right corner of the picture and we can see his hat to the left of Dirty Dave's straw hat.) Don Cole's Alabama is the last boat to the right of the frame. He (Tom) can't ID the other boats by owner, but the two closest are a North Carolina (probably Ali Zinat but he's not sure) and an Invincible, with a Maryland class battleship to the right of the Massachusetts.
The stern of a Yamato is seen leaving in the lower left as Ali Zinat's North Carolina prepares to chase the Yamato but is cut off by an Invincible. Andy Ray's Maryland is on the NC's starboard side.
A Yamato is sandwiched between Fleugel's Bismarck and Tom Tanner's Massachusetts, with the Valiant at the bottom of the photo and a North Carolina at the top.
The boat about to sink is Don Fisher's Exeter captained by Jeff Cutler.
Another shot of the pits. The boat in the foreground is a Japanese Musashi, a class 8 battleship.
Japs circle the wagon, as three Jap ships (two Nagatos, one Yamato) appear surrounded by a North Carolina, a South Dakota, two Invincibles, and two unidentified ships, while Fluegel's Bismark guards the rear.

Fluegel runs - again! The Bismarck at the top avoids the furball centered around a pair of Japanese Nagatos (the green boats). An Invincible is at the bottom of the photo, a NC to the left, Don Cole's Alabama just behind a Nagato at center, and another Invincible and at least one NC close in at center. That may be the Massachusetts to the right engaging the other Nagato.
Here is Joe Kutz repairing ram damage on his Invincible. It only takes a couple of minutes and he is back in the battle.
Here another boat is slipping under the waves. Does anyone know who this is?
Lars, aka Larry Dahl after Tiger's third straight sink. After burning his arms and face pretty good on Sunday and Monday, he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and shorts, figuring he'd rest one half and burn the other. An Invincible is in the foreground (Maybe Joe's) Looks like Stans' Detroit in the left background.
Stan recovers his light cruiser Detroit (all 7 pounds of it) after being ram-sunk by the marrauding 60+ pound Yamato of Mike Blattau. Mike would manage to ram-sink the Detroit in BOTH campaign battles.
The black boats is Frank's. I don't know if this is the time he sunk, or if he just heels a lot in a turn.
Chris taking his North Carolina back to the pits.
Tom Tanner's Massachusetts throws a block to prevent Fluegel's Bismark from attacking the Allied LST convoy ship..
An LST convoy ship being attacked.
The Valiant and the Yamato.