Nats 1997, Sunday July 20

Sunday we check in. Then we qualify the ships. This includes a speed test, a hull hardness test, and usually something selected at random from the rules. In 1995 they checked everyone's rudders, this year they checked the regulators. This was a good idea from a safety standpoint. Some were found to be too high (too low is fine), but all were corrected by Monday morning.

I wasn't as good about taking pictures this year. I didn't take any at the qualifications, but I did snap a few at the captains meeting on Sunday night.

Frank presiding over the Captains Meeting Sunday night. The eboard is sitting with him.
The famous Herr Fluegel attends the meeting. Herr Fluegel has never missed a Nats. This is his 19th one. The axis proclaim this the 'Year of Fluegel'.
Hilarity abounds!
Stan Watkins. The founding father of Model Warship Combat.
Getting near the end of the meeting. For some boredom is starting to set in.