IR/CWCC 1997 Nationals Web Site

by Joseph Kutz

Allies Win the 1997 Nationals

Final Score

Allied 107,435 points, Axis 74,400

Sunday, Check in and Ship Qualification

Monday, Fleet Battle #1 and #2

Tuesday, Fleet Battle #3 and Campaign #1

Thursday, Fleet Battle #4 and Campaign #2

Friday, Fleet Battle #5

Friday, Awards Banquet

Sunday - Check in and ship qualification.

Monday - Fleet battle #1 and #2.

Tuesday - Fleet battle #3 and Campaign #1.

CNN had a WEB PAGE for the event. We were also on Paul Harvey, in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, the local Hagerstown newspaper, and were written up by the AP. Also local TV stations and radio stations.

I hope you enjoyed this coverage of the 1997 Nats. If access to the web site is slow, I apologize, but don't have a real fast Internet Connection. This is just a hobby and doesn't pay anything so I can't afford a T1 line. I can be reached at .