Gear Drive

The gear drive is made up of 4 machined blocks held together with stainless steel bolts. For accuracy, the gear box uses alignment pins to ensure perfect alignment.

Gear drive with front off
The case with the front off and the gears have been removed. You can see the oil-lite bearings and the alignment pins. Also note the stuffing tubes are mounted in the case.
Closeup of gears A close up of the gears. The gear box uses triple gear reduction. By changing the two double gears many different gear ratios are available. All the gears are Stainless Steel.
Closeup of Motor Close up of an assembled unit with a motor installed. The motor mounts to a separate piece, so different motor sizes are possible.
Overall view of the geardrive An overall view of the gear drive assembled and ready to run.
Hull with stuff tube holes cut in it. An Invincible Hull with the rough stuffing tube holes cut in it. All that needs to be done is remove the props and slide the tubes through the holes and fiberglassed in place. This is done as an assembled unit (minus props) to ensure alignment of the stuffing tubes.

The stuffing tubes can be replaced by cutting them out of the hull.

The gear drive pictured here was used with great success the last 3 years. I did put a bigger motor on it, but all else remained the same.

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