Fluegel's Last Stand

Photographer Brian K. Craven for PBC Enterprizes Inc. and U.S. Boat and Ship Modeler Mag, Copyright 1995. Do not reprint or copy without the written permission of the afore mentioned.

The ships in the picture are (from lower left, clockwise) Bob Eakin's Montcalm (Frog CL), which Fluegel was hoping to victimize, Brian Craven's South Dakota, Chris's Q.E., Jarret Durha's HMS Birmingham, and Jim Pate's Washington, with, of course, Fluegel in the center.

The story is: In the first sortie, Bob was chased around a bit by Dirty, until Brian and Chris managed to trap Dirty, and sink him. Bob survived the first sortie with some damage (a few belows), but decided to call five immediately in the second sortie because his pump was ineffective. So, in the second sortie, Bob called five, and Fluegel noticed that his ship looked sickly, so he decided to try and attack. It so happened that as Fluegel was reaching Bob, the rest converged on Fluegel simultaneously and you see the result here. Fluegel sank about 20 feet later.