Columbus NC Regional April 20, 1996

Photos courtesy of SWAMPWORKS

George Goff's USS North Dakota sinks. Captain George Goff's USS North Dakota sinks in the first battle held in Columbus, NC on April 20, 1996.
John Osborne's USS Northampton A rookie No-No...... Captain John Osborne's USS Northampton gets behind the aft cannons of Capt. Marty Hayes' IJN Nagato.
Group Picture Fleet battle #1 on Sat. April 20.

From left to right, Marty Hayes, Steve Andrews, Cameron Hunt (w/camera), John Osborne, and Stan Watkins. Ships, left to right, HMS Invincible (R. Hunt), Viribus Unitis (Montgomery), Szent Istvan (Pittelli), IJN Kongo (Andrews), USS North Dakota (Goff), and IJN Nagato (Hayes).

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