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This E-Mail List is for discussions relating to the hobby of Radio Controlled Warship Combat. In this hobby 144th scale WWI and WWII ships are built and battled using radio-controlled BB guns.

This email forum in not officially sponsored by the any club. The main goal of this list is to help people build their boats. This mail-list is intended for modelers that follow the construction rules of the IR/CWCC and MWC.

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Special Note:

We have had problems in the past with email addresses from anonymous servers such as and I will no longer add people with those email addresses without references from someone I trust.

Once you are a member, you can post a message by sending email to Any mail you send to will be sent to all members of the list. Likewise to all replies. Please keep it clean and keep the discussion to matters relating to Warship Combat.

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Here are the rules for this list:

1. BE NICE!!!
2. No personal insults.
3. No personal attacks.
4. Refrain from propaganda.
5. Refrain from promoting your club.
6. No profanity.
7. No controversial discussions that cause division in the clubs (or between them).
8. No rule proposal discussions.

What can you do?

1. Ask questions about how to build things.
2. Answer questions about how to build things.
3. Ask about upcoming events.
4. Announce upcoming events.
5. Plug web pages related to IRCWCC or MWC.
6. Relate stories about past events (as long as you don't violate the rules).

The decision of who to kick off and for how long is up to the moderator. Said decisions are not negotiable. You won't automatically be resubscribed, as the moderator will assume you are pissed with being kicked off and won't want back on. If you want back on, you will have to ask.

This list is not officially sanctioned by either club, the IRCWCC or MWC.

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