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A conversation between and "Old Timer" and a "Rookie". Written March 8, 1996

Regional Meets

1999 Fredericksburg Texas
1998 Fredericksburg Texas
Pictures from the Columbus, NC meet on April 20, 1996.


NATS July 12-16, 1998 at Greenbriar MD

NATS July 20-25, 1997 at Greenbriar MD

NATS July 15-19, 1996 in Houston Texas



How to Build a Ball Bearing Selector BB Gun (for RC Combat)
Gear Drive for Combat Boats


Battle Stations, a 1/96th Scale Warship Combat Club

A Nagato sinking as Vanguard and Q.E. stand by...
Photo's of Allies in Action!

Our Current High Admiral's Former Queen Elizabeth

Proud Ships of the Allied Fleet

Axis Spy Photo's

Fluegel's Last Stand

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