NATS 1996, Tuesday July 16

Will's boat is going down The bow of Will's boat is barely visible as it heads to the bottom.
Will retrieves his boat Will retrieving his boat.
A group of Allies A group of Allied ships waiting for some action.
Frank W. and two Axis boats. Frank W. battling 2 Axis ships.
Doc battling some ships Doc battling 2 Allied ships (Hopefully someone will help me with ship identifications)
Some fleet action. Some heavy fleet action.
Two battleships at war Two opposing battleships prepare to engage.

Rain delays Campaign Nine minutes after campaign starts, it is delayed for rain. Everyone removes their ships except Chris Pearce. It can be seen off in the distance.
Fluegal and Chris discuss campaign Fluegal and Chris discuss Campaign.
Getting ready to launch some convoys The Axis get ready to launch some convoys (and later change their mind).
Waiting for some Campaign action. Waiting for some Campaign action.
The ships at the tables Ships back on the tables at the end of the day.

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