NATS 1996, Thursday July 18 1996

Molke under attack.
Molke fighting back The Molke fires a stern gun at the attacker.
Playing Cat and Mouse Two Invincible Class ships play 'Cat and Mouse' with a Musashi and a Nagato.
Bismark A Bismark sees action from two North Carolina battleships.

Convoy escort A convoy being escorted to the forward base.
Convoy under attack The convoy ship under attack.
Convoy sinking The convoy ship sinking.
Retrieving the convoy ship. Retrieving the convoy ship.
Sinking another Sinking another convoy ship.
USS Maryland USS Maryland is in trouble (the bilge pump quit). This is one the worst problems you can have.
USS Maryland USS Maryland under attack.
USS Maryland The USS Maryland is sunk. It is resting on the bottom of the lake.
Patching holes Patching holes on an aircraft carrier after a convoy run (it was run as a convoy ship).

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