NATS 1996 Photo Album

Here are all the digital pictures taken at the International Radio Control Warship Combat Club's 1996 Nationals in Houston Texas. The pictures were taken by Joe Kutz and various bystanders with a Kodak DC50.

All pictures are JPEG's that have been compressed. I have the originals if you need a little better quality. I have compared both (these against the original) and the loss of detail is pretty slight. They look sharpest if you reduce the size 50% in a program such as Paint Shop Pro. Also, because they are JPEG's, which is a 'True Color' format, they are best viewed in 65k or 16m color mode (for Mac's, thousands of colors or millions). In 256 color mode they will look pretty grainy.

The pictures are arranged by days. To view/download a picture, click on the icon.







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