NATS 1996, MondayJuly 15

In this photo we see some ships lined up along the shore ready to launch. This is the first battle of the week. Most of the hull-skins are new, with only a few patches due to drop tests.
Fluegal by his ship Here we see the 'World Famous' D.W. Fluegal sitting next to his Bismark.
Fluegal retrieving his sunken boat. Fluegal sunk Monday and here we see him going out to retrieve his boat. Unfortunetly I don' t have a picture of him going down. He was so far away from me, I couldn't see him sink. I snapped a picture in the direction. It will have to be analyzed to see if we finally have evidence of a Bismark sinking.
Small skirmash Here the Mushasi is taking on an Inflexible and another allied ship.

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