IR/CWCC 1996 Nationals Web Site

by Joseph Kutz

Allies Win the 1996 Nationals

Allies 84765 Axis 79155

These pages were prepared on the fly at NATS. All pictures are JPG's so will look best in true color, or thousands of colors mode.

A Nats Photo Album is now online. It has 186 digital pictures. There were a lot more pictures taken then appear on these pages.

Sunday's Captains meeting.. I arrived late on Sunday so was unable to get pictures of the Captains and their boats. I will take some during the week.

Monday was an exciting day with lot's of sinks. Unfortunetly, I was also battling so missed getting pictures of them. This is a problem that will dog me the entire week. I am trying to enlist the help of onlookers to take pictures. It would be great if we had a full time photographer.

The scores for Monday's battles are:

Fleet 1: Allies 18840, Axis 15575.
Fleet 2: Allies 17285, Axis 10930.

In the first sortie of each battle, the axis were ahead, but after the ending sortie, the allies had won both battles.

Tuesday the axis narrowed the gap some. They won the morning fleet battle by 2565 points, putting them only 7055 behind the allies.

Fleet 3: Allies 11170, Axis 13735.
Campaign 1: Allies 0, Axis 0.

In the afternoon, we had a campaign lite. This was an odd battle. The score was 0-0. Neither side had any sinks, and neither side ran any convoy ships. For some reason both felt the convoys were a liablity. It was interesting in that the axis would pretend like they were going to launch, but then didn't.

Wednesday is for one-on-one challenges and a night battle. As the one-on-one's aren't part of the weekly total, I usually skip it. This year I went to the beach on Wednesday. I did go to the night battle but didn't participate because my boat wasn't ready. I did take some pictures, but wasn't allowed to use the flash as it would light up the boats for the opposing sides. The Axis won the night battle

Night Battle: Allies 3870, Axis 5225.

Thursday had Fleet Battle #4 in the morning and Campaign #2 in the afternoon. In Fleet #4 the Axis won, and in Campaign #2 the Allies won.

Because of the 0-0 score in Campaign #1, #2 was modified. It would be required for each side to launch at least one frieghter every 30 minutes (Campaign's are 60 minutes long).

Fleet 4: Allies 14455, Axis 16040. Campaign 2: Allies 5600, Axis 4200.

Friday had the last battle of the week. At this point it was very close. Even though the Axis were trailing, it is possible to make up the difference. Both sides fought hard in a last ditch effort. The Allies won Fleet #5, but only by 95 points.

Fleet 5: Alllies 13545, Axis 13450.

I hope you enjoyed this coverage of the 1996 Nats. If access to the web site is slow, I apologize, but don't have a real fast Internet Connection. This is just a hobby and doesn't pay anything so I can't afford a T1 line. I can be reached at .