Honeycomb Hills House

We are building our 'dream house' in the hills. It is one we designed ourselves. For this I used 3-D home architect. I did use an architect to draw up the blueprints. We also made a few minor changes at that time.

My builder would like a 'Plug'. He is Gary Beam. He is a custom home builder based in Austin. He also builds in the surrounding communities (our house is in the country). The framer for the house is R.A.S. Construction. Their motto is "We build your home like we would our own."

Below is an Index of pages and a short description. All pictures are 16 million color JPEG's. I will add pages in reverse order, i.e. newer pages will be listed first.

Putting a pool in the backyard.

Landscaping the yard

Finished pictures of the house. They were taken before we moved in.

Some Interior shots. I don't have a big enough wide angle lens to truly capture the insides. But here are some shots of things as it is now.

Stone Masons. This page has pictures of the stone masons working on the exterior. We are using native Texas Limestone, 8" even courses.

Outside views (still not finished).

Plumbing. Plumbers at work.

HVAC A few HVAC ductwork pictures.

Finishing up the framing. These are photos of the last stages of the framing. The framers have to put on the sheathing, the windows and exterior doors, and the siding.

Framing the Upper Floor. Finally they are working on the top floor. Things are really looking good. It's exciting to be able to walk through the rooms.

Framing the Main Floor. Here are pictures of the middle floor being framed. This floor will take the longest to frame.

Framing the Basement. They started framing the house October 14, 1996.

Water Well We have water. Depth is 760 feet, 60+ gallons a minute. Water table is at 425, pump is at 700.

Foundation, part 2. Part 2 of the foundation covers the basement walls and the upper slabs. The total concrete for the three pours was 149 yards. Course some of it ended up on the ground. What a mess they make.

Foundation, part 1. Here is the foundation under construction. They started the foundation August 28, 1996. It will take three separate concrete pours; first the lower slab, second the retaining wall, and third the upper slabs (porch and garage). This page has pictures of the lower slab.

Excavation. They officially started the house on August 20, 1996. Expected completion is March or April of 1997. Here we have pictures of the hill being excavated for the basement.

Here are some pictures of the hill before we started. I went up to get some 'before pictures' and found there was a fire on the hill top. It didn't really hurt anything, but I wish I could have gotten pictures before it happened The site was a lot more private before the fire burned the brush.

Exterior views of the house. These are line drawings of the outside elevations.